Street Magic | Hindu Gypsy Thread

Performer takes a spool of thread, unravels about a foot of it, & then breaks it off, putting the spool down. Performer proceeds to break the thread into 6 or 7 clearly broken & different pieces, then holding one piece in one hand, the other pieces are rolled up into a ball and 'squashed' onto the piece from the other hand. When this is unravelled it is seen to be completely restored to it's original length. VERY visual, & very clean, pretty easy to do as well. Here's the routine.

Only practice & you need a spool of cotton thread, preferably brightly coloured. It has to be cotton, otherwise you will need scissors to cut it. Or you could do a burned & restored thread.

First, before you approach the spectator, unravel about a foot and 1/2 to 2 foot of thread. Now make a tiny ball of thread out of the extra thread you have, so you should have a ball of thread, then a foot of thread (still on the spool). The ball is tiny enough to fit, unnoticed, into the fleshy part of your thumb & index finger when they are pressed together. Now there should be a couple of inches of thread, then a ball (hidden)(all in your right hand) then a foot of thread & then the spool (in your left hand). Now approach the spectator. Break your foot of thread from the spool, & give them the spool to hold.

It looks like you are holding a foot of thread, when really, thanks to the ball you are hiding between your index finger & thumb (right hand), you have more like a foot & 1/2. Break the 1st piece off, now the piece in your right hand looks like a 5 inch length. Thanks to the hidden ball it is a foot long (your restored thread). The pieces in your left hand can be broken as many times as you like, clearly show the thread to be broken. Now, by rubbing your (LH) thumb & index finger together, make a ball of the pieces of thread and 'squash' the 5 inch thread from your RH onto the ball, at the same time, tucking the ball so it's hidden between your index & thumb (LH). Now the ball you have been hiding the whole trick is visible, it looks like the ball you just made out of the broken thread. It can be unravelled & is restored. Give it to the spectator as a souvenir.

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