Street Magic | Fly Resurrection

You are walking down the street and casually pick any spectator. You ask them to come with you to a nearby car and pick a dead fly off the windscreen. You hold it in your hand do a few passes with the other hand and appear to be really concentrating and the fly slowly comes back to life to the surprise of the spectator.

Freeze the fly.

Secret Move
You need to catch a fly and freeze it which puts it in a temporary coma, this can be done by swatting the fly hard enough to immobilise it then placing it in a small container in the freezer.

The fly then needs to be quickly taken to a suitable windscreen IN THE SHADE and placed there. It is important that the car is in the shade to prevent the fly from defrosting too quickly. Then go and find a spectator and take them back to the car which should appear to be randomly picked. The heat of your hand will revive the fly which should soon start to move. A lot of this trick is in the actions of you reviving the fly. It may be necessary to practice how long it takes for the fly to revive itself. Freezing the fly as quickly as possible with dry ice is a better way of freezing the fly as because it is quicker it causes less damage to the fly.

This is a great trick but depends on the magician creating an atmosphere with an entertaining routine and patter about black magic to enhance the trick and create misdirection to allow himself an opportunity to pull off the trick.

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