Magic Humor

The Magician's New Trick
A magician kept trying to get an "in" at the famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles, but kept getting turned away at the door. But he kept coming back day after day, so the manager thought he better see him if he ever wanted to get rid of him.

"No one has ever heard of you," the manager started.

"I know," the earnest fellow replied. "It's because I've been working on my killer trick!"

"Uh huh," the manager said -- he had heard it all before. "What's the gag?"

"I saw a woman in half!" the man said smugly.

The manager rolled his eyes. "There's nothing new about that. Magicians have been sawing women in half for generations," he said, pushing the man out the door.

"Wait!" the magician said. "Do they do it lengthwise?!"

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