Card Tricks | Threes And Fours

The spectator takes a card and puts it face up on the table. Then the magician deals the rest of the cards into piles of the cards value the spectator just picked. When the top card of each pile is turned over they all match.

Put the fours on the top of the pack and on top of these put the threes. Deal the top eight cards face down on the table in a row and ask a spectator to pick any card.Push the selected card forward, still face down. Pick up the remaining cards from left to right, tucking each card picked up below the previous one, and place the seven cards on top of the deck. No matter which card remains on the table the order from the top of the deck is several threes, then several fours. Start dealing cards from the top of the deck face down on to the table in one pile. When you have dealt at least seven cards ask one of the spectators to shout stop whenever they wish. Stop dealing when the spectator says and put the cards left in your hand to one side. Now say that you will deal the cards into a number of piles according to the value of the selected card. If the card is a three, deal the cards into three face down piles. If the card is a four, then deal four piles. When you turn over the top card of each pile it is shown to be a three, quite a coincidence! Should the selected card be a four you simply deal the cards into four heaps. The four top cards will be the four threes.

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